Wilena W.


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More About Wilena W.

Educational Background: 

Highest Level of Eduction Completed: Graduate School

Degrees or Qualifications Earned: Master’s Degree

Major or Specialization: Student Support Services

Name(s) of Educational Institutions Attended: Liberty University

Tutoring Experience:

Years of Tutoring Experience: 3

Grade Levels or Age Groups I Have Tutored (List All): 6th-10th Grade

Subjects or Areas of Expertise: English Language & Literature

Tutoring Methodologies or Approaches Used: 

Reading Comprehension & Writing

Any Relevant Certifications or Training Received: 

Reading Endorsed

Academic Achievements:

Honors, Awards, or Scholarships Received:

Avid Reader Certified, 3DE Teacher Certified

Teaching Philosophies:

To cultivate young minds and may they believe that they can achieve anything.

Strategies I Use to Engage & Motivate Students:

  • Breaking up Reading Material
  • Setting a Purpose for Reading
  • Question Analysis

Please describe a memorable tutoring experience you’ve had and how you approached it. What strategies did you use to help the student understand the concept or overcome challenges they were facing?

A memorable tutoring experience I’ve had was during the testing season and helping my student to learn how to set a purpose for reading. Once the student understands what they are looking for within the text, it then becomes easier to answer the question. For instance, reading the text features and analysis what the reader is about to digest, breaking down the question to understand what is being asked, reading the story for clues to the answer, highlighting where the student got the answer from in the text, and finally eliminating answer choices by two.

Experience with Teaching:

I have been an high school teacher for 8 years in Florida. My certification is in Secondary English 6th-12th grade. I am skilled in reading comprehension and writing.

Why Did I Want to Become a Tutor?

I wanted to become a tutor so that I can help students achieve the goals that they need. I know what is like to struggle in school and if I can be of assistance to someone in need, I’m willing to help.

What Actions Do I Take to Get a Disinterested Student Motivated?

Asking them engaging questions that are relatable to what they maybe going through in the present moment. Showing them quick ways to scan through the text whether it reading or writing to find what they need in a short amount of time. I understand, everyone doesn’t like reading and essays.

Positive Results I’ve Seen With Students in the Past:

Most to all, of my students have either passed the state assessment or have shown significant growth. They leave confident that they can pass any test with the given strategies that I’ve taught them. I would say, my success comes from the students.

Encountered a Problem While I was Tutoring and How I Handled It:

I have encountered many problems for tutoring. However, with the students that weren’t willing to engage, I learned to build a relationship with them overtime to make transition easier into learning new material and reading or writing strands they aren’t that comfortable with.