Uday M.


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More About Uday M.

Educational Background: 

Highest Level of Eduction Completed: Graduate School

Degrees or Qualifications Earned: Master of Science

Major or Specialization: Secondary Education – English

Name(s) of Educational Institutions Attended: Colorado State University

Tutoring Experience:

Years of Tutoring Experience: 5

Grade Levels or Age Groups I Have Tutored (List All): 1st-8th & 11th-12th Grade

Tutoring Methodologies or Approaches Used: Questioning, Drills, and Application

Academic Achievements:

Honors, Awards, or Scholarships Received:

  • Math Olympiad Awards and Scholarships

Notable Academic Accomplishments or Research Work:

  • Research work in Efficient Clock Domain Synthesis in VLSI circuits.

Teaching Philosophies:

As a teacher, one should create a conducive educational environment where the student feels comfortable and participates interactively with the teacher. In this environment, the student not only learns from the teacher but also will be able to share his ideas and also sometimes take “calculated” risks. This helps the student to have positive attitude towards developing his expertise in concerned topic/subject.
My approach will be:

1) To guide the student in most efficient manner.

2) Make learning more interactive by sometimes giving student hands-on activities.

3) Make student to make their choices and guide them to make better choices.

4) Letting their curiosity drive them.

5) Give them consistent assignments to make them feel comfortable in the topic/subject eventually.

Strategies I Use to Engage & Motivate Students:

First and foremost, I would try to know what the student’s interests are in. Then will try to incorporate his interests in the topic that I am going to teach the student. I personally believe this would help students to engage more actively and will be easily to connect the dots. Ask the student questions consistently for them to become more and more comfortable. Sometimes, we switch the roles and will ask the student to act as teacher and ask me questions.

Please describe a memorable tutoring experience you’ve had and how you approached it. What strategies did you use to help the student understand the concept or overcome challenges they were facing?

One memorable experience was teaching percentages and averages to a student. The student liked basketball and we were talking about basketball and we were talking about player stats. We went through different stats like Field Goal %, 3P%, Points per Game and other stats. I was explaining him how they are calculated. After giving him some examples, I asked him to pick his favorite players and calculate some stats by himself. He felt so proud at the end of it. It was memorable to me since even I was surprised how the class went and was so happy at the end.

Experience with Teaching:

My father is a teacher/principal by profession. Since childhood, I had first hand experience of learning from teacher himself by observing him. My first teaching experience is to teach 1-5 grade student when I was in 11-12th grade and Undergraduate college. Being a teenager myself at that time, I used enjoy teaching with students and teaching approach was so interactive. We also once in a while bring up topics we discussed and incorporated in the board games that we played during non-tutoring times.
During my MS, I have experience teaching Applied Math and Physics to Undergraduate Students. Then as a part-time job, I worked as a Tutor and taught Math(Mostly Pre-Calculus and Algebra) and Physics to Junior High and High school students.

Why Did I Want to Become a Tutor?

I always feel so comfortable teaching kids. I enjoy it. Even though I am engineer as a profession, Tutoring makes me feel complete.

What Actions Do I Take to Get a Disinterested Student Motivated?

I will try to know his interests and likes. I will try to make the teaching topic around it. It worked for me multiple times. So, that is the approach I usually take.

Positive Results I’ve Seen With Students in the Past:

One of my students got good SAT scores and was thankful to me for helping him in due course. The Student hard work got him there but I took “little” pride in helping him to achieve that. I have lot of students and their parents who felt that they have much improvements in their academic results and were thankful to me. I always took pride and happy to help them to reach their “tiny” goals.

Encountered a Problem While I was Tutoring and How I Handled It:

I had a student who is very shy and introvert and very resistant to participate in the class. She by nature is very good girl but always shy and less confident about herself. It was tough for a couple of classes. Then I myself researched how to tutor these kind of students and also asked teachers in my kid’s school. Then we started Role playing, like switching roles or her favorite characters. She was slowly able to interact to an extent that she was able to participate more thoroughly in tutoring classes.