Isaac N.


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More About Isaac N.

Educational Background: 

Highest Level of Eduction Completed: High School

Tutoring Experience: 

Years of Tutoring Experience: 2

Grade Levels or Age Groups I Have Tutored (List All): High School & College

Subjects or Areas of Expertise: Business & Finance

Tutoring Methodologies or Approaches Used:

I show them what has worked and show them the proper spreadsheets as an example.

Teaching Philosophies:

As a tutor I like to get to know the student and discuss with them how they learn and process information. I then take that information to build the foundation for how I tutor. The method I use is very effective because it allows the student to learn in a way that they will understand.

Strategies I Use to Engage & Motivate Students:

The way I engage and motivate student is by showing them the proof and potential. When showing them that it works and showing them that with hard work and dedication they will achieve any goal that they have. While using words of encouragement to empower them.

Please describe a memorable tutoring experience you’ve had and how you approached it. What strategies did you use to help the student understand the concept or overcome challenges they were facing?

While in high school I helped out a friend who was starting the stock market. For 3 months I worked with him and helped him achieve his goals. He had moments of doubt when nothing was happening so we had a meeting and I explained that it doesn’t happen over night. For those we months we looked at spread sheets and and had meeting discussing the stocks he invested in and his account only grew. It takes time and hard work to achieve any goal and with my words of motivation and being supportive and answering all questions he did exactly what he wanted to.

Experience with Teaching:

My experience with teaching has always been a journey because there is no right answer in what I do. You need to be patient while working with the stock market so wile working with students and supporting them and showing them that if they work hard they will make their goal in a couples months if not a year or two. I have worked very hard to get to where I am now and that is another approach I use with my students.

Why Did I Want to Become a Tutor?

I wanted to become a tutor because I want to show others that there is another way to make money and have fun without working a 9-5. I wanted to help people who are working the 9-5 and not being able to ends meet. Helping people pay their bills, have fun money, more investing money, and overall having money that is why I do what I do. I help support my family and my fiancés family and it that is the best reward and I could asked for. If I can help others feel that way I feel while helping people that is why I tutor and want to tutor.

What Actions Do I Take to Get a Disinterested Student Motivated?

This is a tricky question for people in economics because you have to be motivated. There are times when you will get less motived and want to quit but that is when I ask them why did you start economics and why they are starting to lose motivation. When I start my lessons I ask why do you want to do this and what are your goals and I write those down for those times. In the previous question with my friend when he lost his motivation I did the same thing. I asked and shows him why he started and that make his work ethic harder.

Positive Results I’ve Seen With Students in the Past:

While working with my friends it can make things a bit harder. Going from being a friend to their teacher so it made teaching more challenging because I saw fear when they were working and that is not something I want. I always say only put in what you can lose so when telling my friends their fear went away because were weren’t putting money they didn’t have in but little money to grow and improve. Fear is the biggest negative in the stock market because once you get scared or cold feet that is when people back out so putting in a smaller amount that they can lose in and watching it grow made their lives so much easier. That is my positive story because they were able to live, pay off their debt, and make the money they weren’t making at their 9-5.

Encountered a Problem While I was Tutoring and How I Handled It:

While tutoring I keep my student on pace and keep them working hard. I have only worked with driven and motivated students because they all had big goals. However, that doesn’t mean I don’t know how to work with a setback or a problem that comes up. I am very good at problem solving and I am ready to work with students who are struggling and helped me work hard and achieve any goal they have whether its it getting an A in a class, making 5k in a couples months, or even just being able to get better a skill. I am ready to work and help.