Aryan B.


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More About Aryan B.

Educational Background: 

Highest Level of Eduction Completed: 2-Year College

Degrees or Qualifications Earned: Bachelor of Arts with Honors

Major or Specialization: Business Economics

Name(s) of Educational Institutions Attended: Delhi University

Tutoring Experience:

Years of Tutoring Experience: 0

Grade Levels or Age Groups I Have Tutored (List All): 4th-12th Grade

Tutoring Methodologies or Approaches Used:

  • Live Test Taking Tips
  • Explaining & Approaching to solve a question correctly from reading, understanding, and solving the question.

Academic Achievements:

Honors, Awards, or Scholarships Received:

  • Currently, I am ranked 1st in my College Department and was facilitated by the Dean of Delhi University.
  • Scored 99.14 percentile out of 330,000 students at the CAT exam (This is the primary MBA exam conducted in India); 94.4 % in 12th grade; 96.4% in 10th grade.

Teaching Philosophies:

In India the focus on academic excellence is unparalleled. Students are expected to study for years for a particular exam. A million students appearing for a single exam is a common sight while only a tiny percentage of students achieve their dream. I also took part in this rat race and have developed an approach that I feel can be useful to others, especially to people who are not from my country.
Learning is not about mugging up formulas or texts, it is about the process. Students often limit education just to their examination, which I feel is a very myopic approach. One should see the purpose behind the learning being imparted and realize the value it is going to add to their life. Even topics that may seem useful in practical life at first glance can at the very least help us to increase our cognitive ability which will have long-term benefits. Once the value is seen, the mind is automatically motivated to learn more.

Strategies I Use to Engage & Motivate Students:

I like to understand the whole story of the student first. Everyone comes from a different background and needs a tailored approach to teaching. This way the sources of motivation for a particular student, their weaknesses, their strengths, etc can be identified. I am not keen on teaching directly from texts and am more comfortable teaching in a conversation-based class where both the tutor and the student learn topics along the way. In my opinion, if the students are not engaged constantly they lose interest. Being a student myself and having studied from multiple sources for one of the toughest exams in India just a few months back, I realize the many shortcomings different methods of teaching can have and will incorporate those in my classes. Sources of motivating will be different for each student. Some may face financial hardships, some may want to get admitted to a top university, some may have social pressure and the list goes on. Once the main problem is identified the tutor (me) and the student can together work towards achieving the goal.

Please describe a memorable tutoring experience you’ve had and how you approached it. What strategies did you use to help the student understand the concept or overcome challenges they were facing?

I was teaching one of my juniors a concept in statistics called regression. A lot of students are scared of this topic and if the basic foundations are not clear for this topic, the students face a lot of difficulties as they proceed with the subject. The main problem my junior was facing was to understand the difference between the regress and the regressor. She happened to like ice-cream. So, I took an example of that to help us learn. I told her to consider herself as an ice cream seller and that she should regularly update the price of the ice cream considering a few factors in mind. Firstly we just took the price of the ice cream to be dependent on the temperature of that particular day and she started updating the prices according to the different temperatures observed. She could see a correlation between higher temperatures and prices and vice versa. I also plotted to data on Excel to make her understand the regression line. Long story short, after a few more additions to this example, she understood the topic.

Experience with Teaching:

My experience with teaching has been on both sides, being a student as well as a tutor/mentor. My experience with being a student is very fresh and that will set me apart in understanding what my prospective students would want. My approach towards teaching is pragmatic and students related to that approach. Most importantly, they have fun with me along the way as we learn. I also give students the opportunity to take control.

Why Did I Want to Become a Tutor?

I like connecting with different people and I will thoroughly enjoy the journey of helping my student achieve their academic goals. Not long ago, I was in their shoes and I understand the importance education holds for people. Talking about personal motives; I do not want to lose touch with my subjects of interest like math, finance, statistics, etc. I have some personal goals in life that require me to keep my cognitive ability high and be proficient in these subjects. During the course of my tutoring, I will strengthen my knowledge of these subjects.

What Actions Do I Take to Get a Disinterested Student Motivated?

My primary goal is to get the student as engaged as possible. I rarely let students stay quiet for more than 5 minutes as after that threshold most of the students start to lose interest in the topic being taught. I like to take examples that the student can relate to. In one of my previous answers, I mentioned an example of ice creams that I used for one of my students. This is the approach I usually take when I feel that the student cannot comprehend the topic or is losing interest.

Positive Results I’ve Seen With Students in the Past:

Though my teaching experience is not formal and vast by professional standards, the students I helped developed a vivid understanding of the subject that was taught. Linking examples in their life to the topic at hand enables them to easily recall the knowledge that was imparted. I ensure that the foundation of the students is always clear as they go a long way. All the people I have helped develop a bond with me and do not see me as a hardcore formal teacher. We have fun along the way.

Encountered a Problem While I was Tutoring and How I Handled It:

A few students in my college reached out to me to get guidance about the Common Admissions Test. This is required to get admitted to top MBA colleges in India and is highly competitive with success rates of around 0.1% to get into the very prestigious B-Schools of the country. The number of applicants also increases each year and the competition gets very difficult and toxic at times. The students who reached out to me were scared and under confident about how to achieve a good percentile on the test. I scored a 99.14 percentile this year so they were expecting to get some tips from me. I broke down the preparation journey for them into segments and told them the time and effort required for each segment. I also gave them a clear roadmap to preparing for this test. When they were presented with actionable and small steps that they could easily accomplish one at a time, they were relieved. I also counseled them regarding the toxic competition part of the examination and helped them come at peace. I also assisted them in developing the right state of mind to crack these exams.