Amanda F.


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More About Amanda F.

Educational Background:

Highest Level of Education Completed: Graduate School

Degrees or Qualifications Earned: M.E.d –

Major or Specialization: Science Teacher and Education Leadership

Name(s) of Educational Institutions Attended: The University of Vermont

Tutoring Experience:

Years of Tutoring Experience: 3

Grade Levels or Age Groups I Have Tutored (List All): K-6, Elementary Education, ESL from K-Adults

Tutoring Methodologies or Approaches Used: I use engaging content specific to student need. I have used various online learning platforms for targeted intervention.

Relevant Certifications or Training Received: Vermont Level II Educator’s License and ESL certification

Academic Achievements:

Honors, Awards, or Scholarships Received: 

  • Dean’s List – Bridgewater College
  • President’s List – Johnson State College
    • Nominated 2004 & 2005
  • Part-Time Merit Scholarship – Johnson State College
    • Nominated 2004 & 2005
  • Alumni Association EDP Scholarship 2004
  • Chesamore Honor Society – Johnson State College 2005

Notable Academic Accomplishments or Research Work:

Leadership in Science Teaching, Curriculum & Pedagogy – Springfield School District

Teaching Philosophies: 

All students can learn! In a comfortable, encouraging learning environment, students can learn, practice and apply the skills necessary to succeed in their area of study or interest. It is important for students to be recognized as unique individuals who learn at their own pace with the proper guidance and support to embrace challenges and feel confident. With time, encouragement, and guidance, all students can not only meet grade-level expectations in content areas but exceed them. My goal is to help your student flourish and feel successful as they master content!

Strategies I Use to Engage & Motivate Students: 

I use various strategies to help students learn with engaging content focused on student needs. Using various online platforms, games, discussions, modalities, and interactive whiteboard tools. Students can become active participants in the learning process.

Please describe a memorable tutoring experience you’ve had and how you approached it. What strategies did you use to help the student understand the concept or overcome challenges they were facing? 

I have so many great memories! Often, it is those “Eureka” moments where a student finally grasps a challenging concept and then turns to teach another student what they have discovered. Or, it might be learning a new vocabulary word in the context of the sentence it is in and then applying the meaning to different contexts. Or, it might be those moments where the student understands his or her own growth in learning over time and looks back on writing projects and notices how much more competent of a writer the student has become!

Experience with Teaching:

I am currently employed as a part-time ESL and online teacher. My expertise is in English Language Arts, but have taught all elementary general education subjects successfully and with great assessment scores at all grade levels K-6. I have also published over 30 articles – several were featured in magazines. I hold a Level II license through the State of Vermont and hold an ESL certificate as well. Over the past 18 years, I have been a classroom and, more recently, a remote teacher. Using the skills acquired from my M.Ed. in Science Teacher Leadership, I have helped teachers use appropriate and successful practices around science curriculum and development. I also remotely tutor children and adults in S. Korea and Japan using many platforms, online tools, and engaging learning opportunities. I also teach debate classes to students from elementary to middle school level. I believe my experience as a writer and as an educator with both classroom and online teaching experience of over 18 years will be of great value to your students. I have an excellent record of performance in both school districts I have been in and received the title of Master Teacher.

Why Did I Want to Become a Tutor?

Tutoring is a great way to use my knowledge of effective teaching and learning to help students of all ages. When students succeed, I succeed! I enjoy teaching students and not only getting to know them but also their unique learning styles, interests, and goals.

What Actions Do I Take to Get a Disinterested Student Motivated?

When a student loses interest, I often offer a more engaging activity or game to help reignite the learning process. The are multiple ways to engage with learning for visual, auditory, or kinesthetic learners. Sometimes changing the instruction and learning process can be just the thing to refocus students.

Positive Results I Have Seen with Students in the Past?

When my entire class succeeds and makes progress, and many make significant progress, those are moments I savor! I love reporting to parents and students that substantial growth, application of skills, and confidence have occurred over time. Many of my students have jumped several or more reading levels within a school year! When curriculum directors and administrators in both districts know who I am because of the great progress my students make, that always made me feel that I am serving students well.

Encountered a Problem while Tutoring and How I Handled It? 

Technology is only great, if it works. Occasionally, a student might have difficulty with one or more aspects of technology, and it often takes a bit of problem solving to make all systems work. For example, I had a student sign into Zoom, and the video camera was not working. However, the student could still see me, see my lessons, and hear me. So, we were able to proceed through the lesson well until the problem was resolved. Sometimes, the problem can be resolved by simply signing out and re-logging back into Zoom!