Tutor Payment Policies

You ("tutor") accept that the following terms and conditions will govern all payments made to you by students through the SpeedyTutor system by registering to be listed as a tutor on SpeedyTutor ("the website," "website," "speedytutor.com"). 

Conditions for Ensuring Student Lesson Payment Receipt

SpeedyTutor is a marketplace that connects those looking for tutoring services with those looking to provide tutoring services. SpeedyTutor also offers its users a service through which funds from their students are delivered to tutors. SpeedyTutor provides tutors with an additional layer of protection in the collection of their funds; however, if any of the following conditions are not met and SpeedyTutor is unable to collect your payment from the parent, student, or other type of account-holder (collectively, "student") to whom you provided a lesson, SpeedyTutor cannot guarantee that your payment will be successfully collected, processed, and distributed to you:

a) The information about the lesson is correct. Start and end times, duration, subject, and student account name are all included. Unless the tutor and student agree otherwise, the start and end times will be deemed to be the times of the tutoring lesson, not the arrival and departure timings to and from the tutoring site.

b) Prior to each lesson, the student has a valid method of payment on file with SpeedyTutor. A valid credit/debit card is required. The tutor's SpeedyTutor account allows the tutor to monitor the status of the student's payment details. The necessity to verify payment information applies to both continuing and new students. 

c) The course is provided either in-person at a mutually agreed-upon venue or online via the SpeedyTutor platform. If the tutor delivers the lesson remotely through another medium, such as the internet, email, phone, or Skype, or if the tutor does proofreading or other asynchronous, non-tutoring work with the student, the tutor must obtain written confirmation from the student that acknowledges the nature of the work to be done as well as the time and cost expectations to complete the work.

d) The tutor's services are educational and do not constitute cheating. More specifically, the tutor is not to perform assignments, compose papers, take quizzes, or undertake any other work on behalf of the student. Furthermore, the tutor's services must not infringe the student's school, university, academic institution, or workplace's academic honesty policy or other conduct regulations.

e) Within fourteen (14) days of the lesson, the instructor records the lesson into the SpeedyTutor system or imposes a cancellation fee. Lessons and/or cancellation costs must be filed within fourteen (14) days of the lesson date.

f) Prior to delivering a session, the tutor has gained SpeedyTutor subject permission for the lesson's specific subject area.

g) The tutor does not collect or seek money for the lesson directly from the student, whether by cash, check, or other means.

h) For cancellation costs charged to a student, the cancellation penalty is commensurate with the cancellation policy given directly to the student via messaging prior to the occurrence of the cancellation and, where relevant, is consistent with the tutor's profile's public display. The customary 10% service fee applies to all lesson cancellations.

i) The tutor is over the age of 18 and legally permitted to work in the United States.

Payment Timing and Delivery

Tutors can expect to get their payments according to the schedule below if all of the Conditions for ensuring receipt of payment for student lessons are met. If there are any issues regarding any of the conditions, payments may be postponed while SpeedyTutor investigates.

a) SpeedyTutor tutors will receive their student payments via Direct Deposit. After a tutor submits appropriate bank account and routing information, funds will be released to the tutor's bank on the first and fifteenth of each month, or the following business day if the weekend or bank holiday falls on a weekend or bank holiday. A lesson payment must be entered 5 days prior to the payment date in order to be included during a certain period in which funds are disbursed. The time it takes for SpeedyTutor to release funds and for the tutor's bank to make them available to the tutor varies and is controlled by the tutor's bank, not SpeedyTutor. If a tutor's bank returns a direct payment to SpeedyTutor, SpeedyTutor will request that the tutor change the tutor's bank details. After the bank information is corrected, the cash will be remitted within five (5) days.

b) If a tutor's bank returns a direct payment to SpeedyTutor, SpeedyTutor will suggest that the tutor amend his or her bank information. The cash will be remitted within five (5) days of the bank information being rectified.

The Requirement for a Social Security Number:

a) Before receiving payments totaling more than $50, tutors must provide SpeedyTutor with a valid Social Security Number ("SSN"). SpeedyTutor will withhold such payments until the SSN is obtained, after which they will be released with the next scheduled payment. (Although the duty of reporting 1099 income and meeting other state-level reporting requirements technically falls on the student who hires and retains you, SpeedyTutor provides this filing service to students as a benefit of using the SpeedyTutor system. SpeedyTutor must have a valid SSN in order to complete these files.

b) For payment reporting purposes only, tutors may use an Employer Identification Number ("EIN") issued by the Internal Revenue Service instead of an SSN. To use an EIN, a tutor must fill out, sign, and return an IRS Form W-9 to SpeedyTutor.

Tutor Payment Amounts are Calculated

a) Tutors set their own hourly rate, between $20-100, which they can adjust at any moment. Students who email a tutor after the default hourly fee is changed will be affected. Students who have contacted a tutor within three months of the rate change will continue to be subject to the hourly rate listed on the tutor's profile when they first contacted the tutor; in order to change the rate for one of these students, the student must acknowledge the rate change via a rate change request email.

b) All tutors agree to a flat platform fee of 20%. The 20% charge percentage will be applied to all students' lessons. This indicates that you will receive 80% of your proposed hourly rate.

c) Non-tutoring fees should be included in the hourly cost. Travel, prep time, and any other expenses you intend to alleviate on behalf of the client must first be agreed upon by the student. Adjusting your hourly rate is the process for assessing these expenses. All fees for tutoring students who hire you through the SpeedyTutor platform must be paid through the site.