Student Payment Policies

It is simple to find an instructor.

Our objective is to make your SpeedyTutor experience as simple and fair as possible. We want to make the process of finding a tutor easier, not more difficult. We believe SpeedyTutor will be a pleasure to deal with if we follow these five criteria.

  • There are no contracts or upfront costs.
  • There are numerous payment alternatives.
  • Transactions that are simple and clear.
  • Assurance of a Perfect Fit
  • Support by email is unlimited.

There are no contracts or upfront costs.

You can use SpeedyTutor as much or as little as you like, whether you need a tutor for the entire school year or just a one-time refresher. You pay as you go and are only charged after your class is over. There are no upfront expenses or commitments when using SpeedyTutor to choose a tutor. You just pay for the tutoring services you receive. (Ordering a background check on any tutor will cost you $34.99.)

There are numerous payment alternatives.

SpeedyTutor accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover credit and debit cards. PayPal is also accepted. SpeedyTutor offers two extremely essential policies when it comes to payment alternatives.

You agree to keep your payment information current. SpeedyTutor requires that you set up a legitimate form of payment information in your SpeedyTutor account to guarantee that tutors you employ through SpeedyTutor (“SpeedyTutor tutor”) get money after lessons are completed. This might be an active credit/debit card or PayPal account. Before sharing phone numbers or booking classes with tutors, you must have valid payment information on hand. There are no charges to your account until a lesson occurs. Please keep valid payment information in your SpeedyTutor account for the duration of the tutoring. If a payment option is discontinued for whatever reason, you must input a new billing method before contacting instructors or scheduling classes.

The SpeedyTutor platform is used to process all payments. By using the SpeedyTutor website, you agree to make all payments to SpeedyTutor tutors through the SpeedyTutor system. This is true for all tutoring lesson fees, including any agreed-upon travel or other compensation adjustments. Such extra fees should be agreed upon between you and the tutor and factored into the tutor’s hourly charge.

Transactions that are simple and clear.

SpeedyTutor sends you a confirmation email every time a tutor enters a class with you. The email includes the lesson start and end times, as well as the subject and total charge. You can also request that the teacher submit a lesson report with specifics about each lesson. Any concerns about the reported hours should be raised with the instructor, who can then change the session specifics. SpeedyTutor customer service is also accessible to assist with any issues that arise.

SpeedyTutor charges your SpeedyTutor account the tutor’s hourly rate plus a 10% service fee when the instructor reports the lesson hours. If this charge results in a negative balance in your SpeedyTutor account, SpeedyTutor will charge your preferred payment method and send you an email with the transaction details.

Each class on SpeedyTutor costs a nominal fee. This charge allows us to individually review tutor applications, ensuring that only teachers with the most experience and subject area expertise are listed. It also includes services such as our US-based support team, which is available 6 days a week.

Unless the instructor first obtains your consent to adjust the hourly rate, you are grandfathered in for three months at the rate that appeared on the tutor’s profile when you first made contact. (Some tutors may want to increase their hourly prices for things like travel or group lessons, but you’ll always be asked to confirm any adjustments.)

Tutors have up to seven days following a lesson to enter it. Lessons entered beyond this one-week period require student confirmation before they may be processed.

You may notice a $1.00 authentication and quick reversal on your online statement after adding a credit or debit card. This verification confirms your account without charging your credit or debit card.

If the transaction fails when processing the lesson charge, SpeedyTutor will alert you and give you a period of time to correct or replace the incorrect payment information.

Remember that when you hire a tutor, you are directly entering into a business relationship with that tutor. As a result, before commencing classes, please inquire with your tutor about his or her cancellation policy. Cancellation policies for tutors may also be stated on their profiles. Please keep in mind that in some cases, information concerning cancellation procedures published in Tutor’s public profile may be hidden from particular students who engage in specific programs. Before arranging a lesson, please inquire directly with teachers about any cancellation and no-show policies. Please keep in mind that lesson cancellations are subject to a 10% service fee.

If you are considering hiring a tutor for online tutoring, proofreading, or other tasks, it is critical that you have a comprehensive dialogue with your instructor and achieve an agreement regarding the pricing and work product expectations before beginning sessions.

Assurance of a Perfect Fit

SpeedyTutor supports our marketplace. If you are not totally pleased with your teacher after the first hour of classes, you are entitled to a refund for that hour plus the 10% service fee. (If you request a refund after receiving more than one hour of instruction, only the first hour, plus the 10% service fee, will be reimbursed.)

Support by email is unlimited.

SpeedyTutor offers a team of devoted customer support representatives ready to assist you and answer any queries you may have about the tutoring process. We want to hear from you, so please contact our customer service staff for any reason. Send an email to