Become a Student Instructions

Step 3:

SpeedyTutor will send the student account access to the student portal.

Step 4:

After completing your profile, the student will be able to access our tutor directory.

Step 5:

Select a Tutor.

Step 6:

Select a time and date that works best for the student.

Step 7:

After selecting your desired time and date, the student will be directed to PayPal to complete your payment. If the student has a PayPal account, please login and complete your payment. If not, the student will be given the option to complete your payment via PayPal by using a credit or debit card.

Step 8:

After the payment has been completed, the student will receive a confirmation email of the session details.

Step 9:

To manage your sessions by logging into the student portal.

Step 10:

The student should always plan to meet their tutor on the schedule date and time. If the student cannot meet on the scheduled date and time, please reschedule the session by contacting SpeedyTutor at

Step 11:

After the session, at SpeedyTutor we value your opinions and feedback on how to make SpeedyTutor a better learning platform. A day after the session, students will receive a follow-up email which contains a feedback form. Please complete this form so we continue to make the platform better for our students.